How to Help Your Homesick Student


There is nothing more difficult than receiving a call from a student feeling homesick or lonely. As a parent/guardian, it can be challenging to know when to help, when to step back, and how worried to be. It is also often difficult to remember that students are more likely to call home when they are struggling than when things are going well. That tendency sometimes leads families to miss out on the happy and fun times their students are experiencing. But, when you get that inevitable call or text or email, here a few resources that you can encourage your student to utilize.

  • Hall Counselors and Residence Advisors (RAs).
    • Hall Counselors (for first-year students) and RAs (for all other students) are there to help your students through a variety of struggles. From roommate issues to personal struggles to academic challenges, these students are there to provide support and direct your students to various campus resources. Hall Counselors and RAs are also working hard to plan activities that will engage students and help build community within residence halls during this unprecedented situation.
  • Holistic Advisors
    • Holistic Advisors are faculty and staff members who have volunteered to serve as a support system for first-year and sophomore students. They are equipped to help students with a wide range of issues, well beyond academics.
  • Orientation Team Leaders
    • For first-year students, Orientation Team Leaders are another great resource. Encourage your students to reach out to their leader to find out about social opportunities or just have a conversation with a fellow student.
  • John Crosland Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning
    • All students are having to adapt to a new way of learning, which may lead to academic challenges. Those challenges can compound other struggles that your student may be experiencing and make things seem unmanageable. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is here to help. The CTL includes peer academic coaching, time management workshops, writing center, speaking center, math center, remote learning resources and multilingual support. Davidson students are often hesitant to reach out for help, please encourage your student to take advantage of the resources available to them.
  • The Center for Student Health and Well-Being
    • Counseling services are available to all enrolled Davidson College students free of charge, and all counselors go to great lengths to ensure confidentiality. The health and safety of the Davidson community is our top priority. Therefore, all counseling services during the Fall 2020 semester will be offered virtually via telehealth. This includes initial intake assessments, individual counseling, and group counseling sessions. No in-person services will be offered at this time. To make an appointment, students are most efficiently served by calling our office at 704-894-2300 during business hours (M-F 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.). Please note that parents/guardians may not make appointments on behalf of their students, however, you are welcome to contact the center at 704-894-2451 for parent/guardian consultations.

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