Davidson makes athlete career development a priority

Josh King

With the amazing partnership between the Center for Career Development (CCD) and Davidson Athletics, we were able to create a new position, and welcome the new assistant director for athlete career development, Josh King.

Josh began at Davidson in August, and is focused on developing the Career Advantage Program, in partnership with Barings, which provides holistic career advising, professional development, and strategic networking opportunities for all scholar-athletes. With 27% of the student population at Davidson College being scholar-athletes, the need for this position became very apparent.

Soccer Team in Philadelphia

Most recently, Josh traveled with the Davidson College Women’s Soccer team and participated in our first ever Career Advantage Road Trek. The Career Advantage Program integrates existing CCD offerings to educate all scholar-athletes in multiple facets of career development while also providing additional networking opportunities. The trip coincided with team travel to compete at UMASS and LaSalle and provided a networking dinner & career panel with Davidson alumni, and visits with admissions directors from Drexel University College of Medicine, Villanova Law School, and the St. Joseph’s MBA Program. We are very grateful for our alumni & partner schools who made this trip possible. Our road treks continued with the Davidson Field Hockey team at the end of October, and we are looking forward to partnering with additional teams in the future.

Josh is excited to help scholar-athletes translate their skills from athletics to the “real world.” You can read more at New Career Advisor to Help Scholar-Athletes Game Plan for Life after College, as well as on our blogs at Soccer ‘Cats in Philly and And Now Introducing….


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Kayla Corbin is the Assistant Director of Marketing & Events in the Center for Career Development at Davidson College. Kayla has been with the Center for two and a half years, and has enjoyed her time in the Center as her position has evolved over the years. In Kayla’s current role, she manages the email communication strategy, including weekly student/family newsletters, industry specific emails, bi-weekly alumni newsletters and our social media channels. She also supports all small and large-scale events for the CCD.

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