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From packing lists to sharing with roommates, a current student provides insider information on everything you and your student need to know about move-in.

Q: What comes in the room? On the hall?
A: Each residence hall room comes with a bed, desk, desk chair, in-room sink, and either a closet and dresser or a wardrobe. Each hall has a single-gender hall bathroom and a common area with a tv, a couple of couches, and a table with some chairs for studying or playing games.

Q: Did you loft your bed?
A: No, beds in first-year residence hall rooms cannot be lofted.

Q: Did you have a fridge in your room? Where did you get it?Orientation Move In
A: We had the option of renting a fridge for a year, but I bought a fridge from Lowes. There were certain rules I had to follow for sizing and energy consumption when looking at fridges to purchase.

Q: Is there room for seating in a first-year dorm room?
A: Yes! My roommate and I figured out how to configure the room in a way so that we could buy a five-and-a-half-foot couch after arriving on campus.

Q: What’s one thing you didn’t think about bringing when you moved in that you would recommend to the next class of incoming first-years?
A: A first-aid and medicine kit is essential. Having the basics on hand can be a real comfort that first time you get sick away from home. A small tool kit, window curtains and headphones are other good things to have.

Q: How did you and your roommate agree on what to bring?
A: It was surprisingly easy to work this out. Discussing things you two have and what you want is a good starting point. We tried to split things up so that neither one of us spent more than the other. It worked out nicely that my roommate already had a microwave and I got a mini-fridge for graduation. If you have something already, let your roommate know.

Q: How did you and your roommate agree on what to share?
A: My roommate and I are very relaxed about what we are willing to share. We established early on that nothing was off limits unless otherwise mentioned. If you are not comfortable sharing everything, I would suggest telling your roommate upfront what you are OK with sharing, and what you want to keep to yourself. The student staff on the floor will also discuss a roommate agreement with you once you arrive on campus. This will allow you to establish expectations at the beginning of the semester.

Q: Did you bring anything that you ended up not needing?father carrying clothes
A: I probably could have brought less clothing, although I feel like I used most everything I brought.

Q: Did you ship items or bring everything with you?
A: I brought everything I needed. There was plenty of space for all my clothes and anything I didn’t need my parents took back. My roommate shipped some larger bulky items. Information about shipping was sent to us over the summer.

Q: Did you bring everything with you? Or did you purchase items when you arrived at school?
A: After setting up some things, my roommate and I realized we still needed a few things. We bought a TV stand. A few weeks later, we decided we wanted a couch and bought that. I also bought school supplies after I arrived. I did not know what I would need for my classes before I was on campus, so I waited. It’s very easy to purchase supplies from the bookstore when purchasing books, however, I think bookstore prices are higher than those at Staples or Office Depot.

Q: Where did you purchase items you needed after moving in?
A: Target, Target, Target! Target is a great resource for buying some last-minute things, groceries, etc. There is also a Walmart nearby and a Harris Teeter grocery store within walking distance from campus. I would recommend if you are looking for furniture to look at a resale store, it’s not too hard to find a bargain. My roommate and I found our couch at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for four dollars.

Q: How did you pack everything?Move-In
A: My family brought up two cars. I packed all my foldable clothes in a suitcase and laid the clothes I was going to hang across the back of my car. My parents carried my guitar, guitar stand, mini-fridge, toiletries, bag with sheets, and miscellaneous kitchen items in the back of their car. My roommate packed many things in plastic bins which he was then able to use as storage under his bed.


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