Why Our Son Chose Davidson


Our son had to consider multiple factors in choosing which college or university to attend.  The first consideration was finding a school that excelled academically and allowed him unlimited academic opportunities.  He wanted a school with a wide range of cultural experiences.  He wanted a school with a wide range of social opportunities outside the classroom. He wanted a school with a highly engaged faculty.  He wanted a school that offered the opportunity to have real world experiences in the work place.  Davidson checked all these boxes.

Michael Jones and Bob McKillopOur son is also fortunate enough to participate in college athletics as part of the Davidson Wildcats men’s basketball team.  Davidson plays in a high level conference which allows for great travel opportunities, playing against high level competition, in high intensity settings.  He enjoys the other players on the team as they are a group of young men with similar athletic, academic, and life goals.  However, the biggest portion of the basketball decision was the opportunity to play for Coach Bob McKillop and his staff.  Coach McKillop not only teaches his players basketball at a very high level, but he also teaches them how to be great people.

Our son had a sample of how Davidson will impact his life when the men’s basketball team went to Auschwitz with Eva Moses Kor, CANDLES, and MIMEH. What a life changing experience for an 18 year old freshman who had not actually stepped foot in a Davidson classroom.  These are the types of experiences he looks forward to having at Davidson.

Based on what he has already experienced, Davidson was a great choice for him, and we look forward to what the future holds.


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John Jones and his wife Di are parents of Michael Jones, Class of 2022 and member of the Davidson Wildcats men's basketball team.

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