What Are Davidsonians Thankful For?


In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we stopped a few Davidson students, faculty and staff on campus to find out why they’re thankful this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

GayGayle Daily“I’m thankful for friends and family.”
-GayGayle Daily ‘CatCard Assistant



Jaylen Jefferson“I’m thankful for family, God, and the opportunity to get this high of a level of education. I’m thankful because nobody else in my family made it that far.”
-Jalen Jefferson ’22



Ethan Evans“I’m thankful for the opportunity to get a higher level of education and everyone that has supported me throughout the years.”
-Ethan Evans ’22



Anna Gilbert“I’m thankful for being able to go to Davidson, having all of my friends, and the support network among students and faculty.”
-Anna Gilbert ’20



Mario Belloni“I’m thankful for my immediate family as well as my Davidson family.”
-Dr. Mario Belloni, Professor, Physics Department



Evan Pritchard“I’m thankful for friends, the ability to receive an amazing education, and nice weather.”
-Evan Pritchard ’22



Zoe Harrison“I’m thankful for loving friends.”
-Zoe Harrison ’21



Chief Todd Sigler“The people at Davidson. These past few days, the community has really shown me why I came here.”
-Chief Todd Sigler, Chief of Campus Police



Andrea Robinson“I’m thankful for the closeness of the Physics Department.”
-Andrea Robinson ’20



Camryn Ellis“I’m thankful for positive mental health, having supportive family and friends, and making personal growth, and maturing to become stronger.”
-Camryn Ellis ’21



Mary Lasater“I’m thankful that the sun is back out.”
-Mary Lasater ’21



Anna Ramgren“I’m thankful for those who have empathy and act on it.”
-Anna Ramgren ’19



Angela Donate“I’m thankful for being a professor at Davidson, being healthy and having supportive family relatives and loved ones. I’m also thankful for being able to live with my basic needs covered.”
-Dr. Angela Donate, Visiting Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies Department


Mimi Ughetta“I’m thankful for friends.”
-Mimi Ughetta ’22



Morgan Potter“I’m most thankful for the staff and students around me. Everyone is willing to hold a conversation with you or check up on you if you need it. I’m also thankful for the Davidson Trust, the Honor Code, a beautiful campus, and massive dorm rooms with sinks inside of them.”
-Morgan Potter ’20


Alan Morales Loyola“I’m thankful for the openness and approachability of the professors.”
-Alan Morales Loyola ’21


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