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Jess Villiger '22 with friendsThis year has been a whirlwind of hellos, goodbyes, beginnings and ends. However, in this year of rapid change, there has been one constant aspect in about 500 people’s lives: the decision to be a part of Davidson’s class of 2022. My name is Jess Villiger, and I am one of these 500 people who made the life-changing decision to attend Davidson this fall. To say I adore Davidson is an understatement. I am completely enamored with this institution, from its academics and beautiful campus to the amazing professors and overall community. I wanted a college where I could see myself. I can see myself struggling to play Flickerball amongst the next Steph Currys (because to be honest my athleticism is definitely not D1 worthy), filming an Instagram boomerang at Chambers after I declare my major or exploring the adorable Main Street of downtown Davidson. Growing up, the idea of college always seemed so daunting. I had no desire to leave my family, my twin sister or the safety of my small school, which I have attended my whole life. However, every part of me cannot wait until August 16 when I officially become a Wildcat!

Jess Villiger '22The main thing I was looking for in a college was that they prioritize the student. As weird as this objective may seem, I was looking for a college that wanted me to go there just as much as I did. I went on myriad college visits where they solely celebrated their reputable science programs, sports stadiums or language programs, yet it seemed that they lacked the one thing I desired most: a community. When I stepped foot on Davidson’s campus last summer, I knew it had everything I wanted. A farm for me to volunteer on, a chapel for all faiths, debates for all political perspectives and a community for everyone to thrive within. Davidson values every single student and what they bring to campus, whether they are passionate about science, humanities, sports or even just Steph Curry. Davidson simply has resources for every student to pursue whatever they want. Yes, of course, Davidson has the desirable characteristics all of us want like delicious coffee at Summit and crazy traditions like the scream before finals; however, what made me fall in love with Davidson was that the community values everyone—including me.

The class of 2022 has grown up in a time where our voices are more important than ever. We all have the chance to change the world and make an impact, and Davidson will give us the foundation and resources to do that. I have not met my fellow classmates yet, but I am excited to see what this amazing institution and community will allow us all to achieve. Go ’Cats!


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Jess Villiger is a member of the Davidson College class of 2022, arriving on campus this fall. She is from Baltimore, Maryland, and can't wait to call Davidson home.

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