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Abele familyHi! My name is Alexa Abele, and I’m a rising junior majoring in economics. I’m also a member of the Davidson women’s tennis team.

This summer, I am fortunate to hold an internship at Under Armour in Baltimore. I will be living in an apartment building with the other interns or as Under Armour calls us, “Rookies.” Two of my roommates – all rookies from other schools – also are student athletes. In addition to gaining professional experience, I hope to build close friendships with the other rookies in the program.

I’m excited for this internship because I’ve always been interested in the sports industry. I’ve watched and played many sports growing up, and I eventually settled on tennis which led me to Davidson as I was recruited to be a part of the team.

Women's tennis teamUnder Armour started sponsoring athletics at Davidson during my freshman year, and while I did not own many Under Armour products before Davidson, I quickly appreciated the quality of the apparel we were given. Being an athlete, I’ve always loved athletic clothing and shopping for the newest gear. As my mother always jokes, “the better you look and feel, the better you play.” So, my athletic clothing has always been a priority for me. I would love a career where I can help athletes better their performance. For these reasons, Under Armour seems like a perfect fit for me and a company that I’m very excited to learn more about.

I will be on the Sports Groups Team for the 12-week internship. This group handles sponsorships and deals with sport teams such as colleges—including Davidson, club teams and professional teams.  I will work directly with consumers and learn more about the different types of products that Under Armour manufactures. I’ll be able to learn about multiple areas of the business such as sales, marketing, product design, business operations and finance. Additionally, I will be assigned a mentor to guide me through the summer, and I’m excited to learn from his or her experience. Besides working with my group, I will also have my own final project that I will present to executives at the end of the summer.

Through this internship, I hope to build on skills I’ve learned at Davidson. I will gain professional experience in multiple different sectors of an international business. Additionally, I will build strong professional relationships along with friendships. I believe all the things I will learn in my internship will help me grow and better appreciate what I will be learning in my next two years at Davidson.

I’m excited about this opportunity, and I can’t wait to get started at Under Armour.



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Alexa Abele '20 is an economics major from Montgomery, Ohio. She is a member of the women's tennis team and receives the Adair P. and Edward M. Armfield Tennis Scholarship.

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