Sharing Knowledge: A Resource List


As my days dwindle down at Davidson, I think about how much I have grown, the adventures I have had, and the incredible resources that are offered here. To be frank, Davidson is an immensely privileged institution, overflowing with resources. With 70 percent of students coming to Davidson from the top 20 percent income bracket and a median family income of $213,900, this is an institution of great wealth and power. Unfortunately, I have found that some students, especially those from low-income backgrounds, such as myself, are unaware of the sheer number of resources available to them. With privilege, comes a great responsibility. For this reason, I would like to share some of the resources I have used during my Davidson career with the hope of showcasing the abundance of opportunities that often go overlooked.


About Author

Jaela Cabrera McDonald is a senior sociology major, with a minor in health and human values. She was born and raised in Pontiac, Mich., and as of 2012, she has moved to Nashville, Tenn. After graduation, she will return to Nashville, where she will pursue her career goal of becoming a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner. Jaela's wife, Karen Cabrera McDonald, class of 2018 and a Teach for America Corps Member, will be starting her career as a high school teacher. They are delighted to be a part of that 30% of Davidson students who marry each other!

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