First Year of College: Freedom, Uncertainty, Success


At first, the prospect of going to college was a little intimidating. I wasn’t nervous about the academic rigor of Davidson, but I was nervous about the amount of uncertainty that came along with going to college. I am the oldest of three brothers, so I didn’t have the experiences of older siblings from which to base my expectations.  In high school, each day is structured and predictable with a standardized schedule that is repeated five days a week for the entire school year. However, at Davidson, there is an unbelievable amount of freedom in choosing classes and friends and clubs and other opportunities. Every day has the potential to be wildly different from the day before and, looking back now, it was this uncertainty that made many oncoming freshmen feel a little nervous, myself included. There is no set of instructions about how to choose classes or develop your college life, and that freedom takes a little getting used to.

Much to my surprise, I adapted to college life almost seamlessly. I was much more prepared than I realized, and the very unknowns that made college a little intimidating proved to be the best parts of Davidson. The freedom allows me to develop and grow as a person. It is quite liberating, having such responsibility and command over my own college career, both inside and outside the classroom. I immediately had the opportunity to take classes on topics I am genuinely interested in, join clubs that I am passionate about and pursue friendships I enjoy.

So much has changed for me in the course of a year. I am in the process of declaring my major in political science—possibly a double major with philosophy. I have successfully started a club sport from scratch and am about to receive my rugby coaching certification, I have a large, tight-knit group of friends and, just this week, I met with my study abroad adviser to discuss the possibility of studying political science in the United Kingdom next fall.

The past year has been the best of my life. If you asked me during freshman orientation where I would see myself in a year, I could never have predicted my current situation, nor my success. After all, there is a lot of uncertainty and freedom in college, and that is the best part.


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Cody Little '20 is a senior political science and philosophy double major from Summerfield, N.C. Cody is the recipient of the Tracy L. Simpson Scholarship.

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