Lessons Learned Police Chief Todd Sigler stands with Davidson students

By providing a campus police department that is adequately staffed, appropriately trained and equipped to respond in the event of incident, Davidson College hopes to foster an environment that promotes safety for our campus family. Most campuses provide police or…

Perspectives Savannah Haeger '16 with her parents

It’s that rite of passage for parents of future college students everywhere—the College Tour Circuit. Davidson was the first school we visited and frankly didn’t know much about, other than our nephew was a ’01 graduate and raved about his…

Higher Education News Soldier with American flag on uniform

This article first appeared in The Atlantic on June 21, 2017. Written by Kara Voght. Vassar’s first class of student-veterans to graduate proves that the benefits of an elite liberal arts education extend to them, too. Balanced on the edge…

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